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Since 1942, Tri-State Signs & Reprographics has been serving the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) community in Pittsburgh and beyond. Our team understands the unique challenges facing the AEC industry, and collaborates with your team to meet strict deadlines.

With decades of experience and a reputation for fulfilling a wide range of specialized needs on time and on budget, Tri-State is a name you can trust.

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black lines & color lines

What are black lines & color lines? In the printing world, you have the option to print in black lines (black & white) or color lines (color).

At Tri-State, we offer both of these processes and have a variety of machines that are capable of printing on virtually any type of paper or other media. Simply put, we provide infinite solutions for your printing needs.

large format printing

Whether you need to print signs, banners, posters, or other large graphics, Tri-State will help you go big.

With our knowledge and technology, we are capable of producing color line and black line prints in collated sets, and our high-speed, large-format digital printers keep the pace for bid set reproduction and distribution.

We also offer the industry’s fastest and most affordable solution to the growing need for full-color CAD documents. Give us a call and a messenger can be dispatched to pick up your hard copy drawings. Or, submit your files via email or an online work order.

small format printing

You only get one shot at a first impression. Tri-State will help you stand out from the crowd.

Our high-speed digital presses produce color or black & white copies from your files or hard copies. We also have color printing capabilities that enable us to produce simple handouts, presentation-quality reports, complex brochures, and much more—all with a variety of finish options.

For our AEC clients, specification books are built from your files, collated, and ready for distribution in an amazingly short period of time.

document archival

It’s no secret, files take up space—and sometimes a lot of space. Tri-State has developed a diverse set of solutions to help you securely and efficiently manage your documents.

Our large and small format document scanning capabilities, paired with our archiving services, allow you to maintain indexed images as digital documents, freeing up valuable space in your firm. Our scanning services convert photographs, color maps, and engineering drawings into high-resolution images for system archival. Digitize your documents and enhance the files in CAD, ESRI, and other workflows.

bid list management

Our technical and professional experts are ready to work with you through the many stages of your project. Let our staff know if you need updates or have questions during any point in the production or distribution processes. No matter which services we are providing, our staff has the tools, experience, and knowledge to help you get the job done.

equipment sales & services

Our knowledgeable sales staff understands the unique requirements of the AEC industry and our factory-trained technicians maintain and support a field of installed systems—including our own in-house machines. With our first-hand experience, we provide direct sales and installation services for our customers. Tri-State is an authorized equipment dealer, partnering with some of the highest-quality manufacturers in the reprographics industry, including KIP, Contex, and Canon.

We also are able to deliver a variety of solutions for your printing and scanning needs. Our Integrated Printing Program (IPP) enables you to have the flexibility of printing in-house or in collaboration with Tri-State—without having an equipment lease, service contract, or even the cost of paper and toner.

bindery & finishing

Preparing a presentation? Developing marketing materials? Short on time?

Tri-State’s team of experts will complete your bindery project professionally and efficiently. Whether your project requires binding, collating, assembling, stapling, folding, scoring, or other services, rely on our knowledgeable staff to enhance the appearance and functionality of your documents.

mounting & laminating

If you’re looking to mount graphics or protect important documents, Tri-State will get the job done.

Our team is experienced in mounting and/or laminating prints and documents that will last—and look good doing it. We offer a variety of substrates—ranging from foam boards and acrylics to plastics, metals, and everything in between—to fit any application demands, both indoors and out. And our laminates are available in a range of thicknesses and finishes, such as gloss and matte.

pickup & delivery

We know your time is valuable and your deadlines are important to us. The moment you call for a pick-up, our dispatch team begins making arrangements with our messenger service, and our workflow schedules are created in unison so that we’re able to deliver your project on time.

Is your shipment going out of town? No problem. We partner with UPS and FedEx to meet your needs.

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